Utility Pulling Lines & Cable Grips

Utility Pulling Lines are ropes used by electrical utility companies or often utility contractor companies for pulling utility transmission wires through blocks and into place on transmission towers. The ropes are fed through the blocks on the towers and attached to the end of the wires which are then pulled into place by large winches. Pulling lines are often sold in multiples of 4 or 6 units at a time depending on the number of wires being pulled. The ropes are ordered coated with different colors so they can be easily identified. The best choice for this application are Plasma® or Spectra® ropes. Benefits of these high-performance fiber constructions are:

  • High strength
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Low stretch
  • Ease of splicing in the field
  • Stays round and firm around blocks and sheaves
  • Available with urethane coatings in a variety of colors
  • Torque free


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