Twisted Polypropylene Rope

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Ravenox twisted polypropylene rope has been twisted together from the strongest monofilament yarn in the largest variety of colors available on the market. With 28 color combos to choose from we’re certain you’ll find a color to match your needs.

For superior abrasion resistance and a medium stretch, monofilament polypropylene is the rope of choice. Stronger than both Manila and cotton, this high tenacity twisted poly rope will suit your lifting, pulling, towing, securing and tie-down needs. Commonly seen as a pool lane divider in swimming pools it is also great for mooring lines, arborist tree fall-protection systems, towing lines, bouys, gardening, camping, DIY projects, crafting and more.

Ranchers and farmers love Ravenox twisted polypropylene rope for its wide variety of uses. Back splice a halter or harness for goats, sheep, alpacas, horses, cows and cattle. Easily weave neck ties, lunge lines, ties and lead ropes for horses and livestock. Pair this cord with Ravenox metal hardware accessories and create your own unique product line.

This smooth, 3 strand Polypropylene rope is superior to other fibrous ropes for outdoor use with better resistance to abrasion, greater strength and better UV resistance. Polypropylene floats won’t rot or mildew and is designed for use in extreme temperatures. It is chemical resistant, oil and gas resistant, moisture, weather and tear resistant. It is not only economical, but easy to splice for adding thimbles for attaching the rope to shackles and anchors when used in boating, fishing, mooring, tow lines and general marine use.

As a proud supplier to the US government and military, Ravenox is pleased to offer this rope to Do-It-Yourselfers and everyday shoppers.



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