Rope & Cordage

Shop for cord rope and bungee cords from Ravenox today. Our cords come in a wide variety of materials, including kernmantle composite, smooth braid polyester, Spectra Core, and more. No matter if you are looking for cords for storage or lifestyle purposes, Ravenox has what what you need.

Choose our elastic bungee cord for projects large and small. Its nylon coat makes it resilient when put up against the elements, and its elastic interior allows it to stretch to double its original size. Pairing it with the bungee hooks we stock allows you to use the cord for any and all home and outdoor applications. The cord is water and UV resistant, making it the perfect tool bring along if you're going camping or hiking, or are working professionally in the outdoors. We carry both open and closed cord hooks, that way you have everything you need to build your perfect shock cord.

Our kernmantle composite cord rope has a shock absorbent nylon core and is abrasion resistant so that you have excellent holding power when tying Prusik knots. Its durable sheath means its perfect for cordelettes, ice threads, low-stretch fixing and hauling tag lines. And because of its soft material, it can easily be turned into a comfortable leash for your pet. The many applications this rope provides makes it a go-to when you want to keep a rope in your bag during any outdoor excursion. It comes in a variety of lengths, from 10 feet to 600 feet. Customize one to suit your requirements.

The smooth braid polyester cord is designed for outdoor recreation and adventuring. Made from 100% polyester, this cord rope will keep its shape and hold up in any weather environment. It is ideal for hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, climbing, and virtually any other outdoor experience one might enjoy. With a break strength of 625 pounds, it is an essential for all survival guide kits. For all mountaineers and cavers, this cord is the standard. Being extremely lightweight, it can be easily stashed in backpacks or even jacket pockets. Choose one in lengths of 25 feet, 50 feet, 100 feet, or full spools of 400 to 1000 feet. A variety of colors and diameters means you can customize it according to your adventure.

Our FMS Spectra utility cord is designed for heavy duty usage and is commonly used among professional rescuers, fire brigades, mountaineers, and the US military. Its strength and utility makes it a solid choice for all sailing, kiting, fishing, and scuba diving activities. Durable enough for any weather environment, this powerful line is a popular choice for spearfishing, the high visibility colors in which it is available quickly attracts the attention of fish. Its low specific gravity and hydrophobic design means it can be left in the water without risk of sinking or becoming unusable. As with all other cord ropes and bungee cords we stock, it comes in a wide assortment of colors and can be purchased in spool lengths of 200 to 1000 feet.

Ravenox supplies professional-grade ropes and bungee cords to be used in all leisurely and heavy duty outdoor situations. All of our products are American-made and manufactured, which ensures high quality and durability.



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