Ravenox Large Shock Cord Bungee Cord Hook Closed
Ravenox Large Shock Cord Bungee Cord Hook Closed
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Ravenox Large Shock Cord Bungee Cord Hook Closed

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Don't settle for a cheap bungee strap manufactured overseas that will just break on you again. Our shock cord bungee hooks are made in America and are designed to fit 5/16 inch diameter shock cord. Create your own custom strap quickly and easily with your own tough shock cord utilizing these hooks. Simply slip your cord end through the locking ring and into the end of the hook. Then slide the ring onto the lower portion of the hook and your cord will be securely locked in. These hooks are suitable for uses involving exposure to the elements and temperature extremes. Molded Shock Cord Fasteners are rust and corrosion proof, and since the entire unit is molded, the traditional metal crimp ring is eliminated. They securely grip shock cords by means of a patented fastening mechanism, and the slip ring conceals the end of the shock cord, giving it a clean finished appearance. Choose from 4 Packs to 1000 Packs.

Ravenox Bungee Cord Pairing Recommendation

Ravenox Large Bungee Cord Hooks work best with Ravenox 1/4-inch Ravenox Bungee Cord


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