Double Braid Polyester Pulling Rope (1647655354458)

Double Braid Polyester Pulling Rope

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Heavy-Duty, Double Braid Pulling Rope with Eye Splice

This double braid polyester rope is made with high tenacity pre-twisted tire cord polyester yarns that are non-rotational and torque-free. Double Braid Polyester ropes are very flexible, soft to the touch, have a silky feel, and are easy on your hands. These ropes stay firm and round over pulleys, yet flexible with good elasticity. Ravenox Double Braid Polyester Rope will suit all of your lifting, pulling, towing, securing, and tie-down needs.

This gives the cord excellent abrasion resistance. Double braid polyester rope is UV-Resistant, Chemical Resistant, oil and gas resistant, and is designed for use in extreme temperatures. It is moisture, weather, and tear-resistant. With the exception of cut lengths of rope, each of these ropes comes with an eye splice loop at both ends of the rope making it easy to attach to cables and pull directly off the reel.

For superior strength and remarkable shock absorption capabilities, double braid polyester is the rope of choice. Double Braid Polyester is designed for a variety of heavy-duty commercial applications. Ravenox Double Braid Pulling Rope exceeds ANSI and OSHA standards for Fall Protection. Making this the rope of choice for tree work, climbing, guy lines, scaffolding, and construction. 

*Please note that all orders of our Double Braid Polyester Rope Spools currently require a 6 to 10 week lead time*

As a proud supplier to the US government and military, Ravenox is pleased to offer this rope to Do-It-Yourselfers and everyday shoppers.  Made in the USA, this rope meets Federal Berry Compliance Standards. Unlike commercial-grade polyester rope, these ropes pass internationally acclaimed quality tests. 

Warning: Nylon rope should never be used to pull cable – it stretches and can snap back causing serious injury.

Knots reduce the strength of the rope up to 50%, splicing is preferable. Chemicals will cause it to deteriorate. Do not use this product for overhead lifting, support of human weight or athletic equipment, or other situations where personal safety or valuable property can be endangered.

The working loads shown should never be exceeded. Shock (stress, jerk) conditions can reduce working loads by as much as 33%.

Never stand in line with rope under tension; such rope, particularly nylon rope, may recoil (snapback). Never use this product to secure large flat surfaces or objects.

All ropes should be replaced if signs of wear, such as broken fibers are apparent. Misuse can result in serious injury or death.

A Diameter of Rope and Cord for Every Project and Use!

Ravenox Berry Compliant Double Braid Polyester Rope is available in 11 different diameter options. 



Tensile Strength

Working Load*



5,000 lbs. 

750-1,250 lbs. 



7,500 lbs. 

1,125-1,875 lbs. 



9,500 lbs. 

1,425-2,375 lbs. 



16,150 lbs. 

2,422-4,037 lbs. 



18,000 lbs. 

2,700-4,500 lbs.



26,000 lbs. 

3,900-6,500 lbs. 



32,000 lbs. 

4,800-8,000 lbs. 



42,000 lbs. 

6,300-10,500 lbs. 

1 1/8-inch


47,900 lbs. 

7,185-11,975 lbs. 

1 1/4-inch


56,200 lbs. 

8,430-14,050 lbs. 

1 1/2 inch


76,380 lbs. 

11,457-19,095 lbs. 

*The safe working load for most kinds of rope is between 15% and 25% of the tensile strength.

Key Product Features

Double Braid Polyester

Berry Compliant Polyester Rope: This rope meets Federal Berry Compliance. On our full spools, each end of the rope has an eye splice loop for easy securing, out of the box use. Heavy-duty wooden spools house the rope for convenient, on the site job use. Whether it’s a construction site, oil platform, ranch, or garage, this heavy-duty rope is ready for all your pulling winching and towing needs. 

Numerous Rope Applications: Designed for commercial use, Ravenox Double Braid Polyester Rope is great for everyday use as well. Some common applications include Fall Arrest Lanyards, Safety Lines, Ladder Lines, Sub Lines, Rigging Lines, Towing Rope, Hand Lines, Stage Lines, Pulling Lines, Halyards, Conduit Line, Spring Lines, Long Lines, Purse Lines, Dielectric and Trawl Slings. Electrical professionals love double braid polyester as it’s flexible, easy to handle, and easy to splice.

High Tenacity and Double Construction: Double Braid Polyester Rope is made with high tenacity pre-twisted tire cord polyester yarns that are non-rotational and torque-free. This gives the cord excellent abrasion resistance. It is moisture, weather, and tear-resistant.

Choose the Right Length & Width: Order the amount you need with rope by the foot in 25 ft, 50', 100', 300', 600', and 1,200 ft lengths and by the variety of diameters listed above. Note: Cut lengths of 25 ft, 50 ft, and 100 ft do not have an eye splice.

100% Risk-free Purchase: Ravenox is a CERTIFIED Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned, Women-Led American Small Business that backs all of its’ products. If you’re not 100% satisfied, you’ll get your money back. Ravenox rope meets the rigorous manufacturing and testing procedures set forth by the American Cordage Institute and we are proud to be 1 of only 29 manufacturers in the world that helps set the standards in rope manufacturing.

This Rope is Made in the USA.