FMS Ellipse Cord Locks
FMS Ellipse Cord Locks

FMS Ellipse Cord Locks

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Don't settle for a cheap cord lock manufactured overseas that will just break on you again. Our cord locks are made in America and fit a variety of different drawstrings and types of cords. Can be used on everything from shoelaces, pack drawstrings, pants closures, Paracord products and a variety of outdoor and gym products. The patented hold alignment feature eliminates the process of manually compressing the closure to thread the cord. Once the cord is easily threaded through the prealigned holes, a simple squeeze permanently unlocks the alignment mechanism and engages the stainless steel spring to grip any cord. This provides the option for a lanyard tie-down to assist in one-hand adjustment applications. YOU MUST SQUEEZE THE CORD LOCK TO ACTIVATE THE SPRING. Suitable for uses involving exposure to the elements and temperature extremes. Applications include apparel, sporting goods, and industrial uses. Choose from packages of six to 1,000 in two different colors.

  • Package Includes the Toughest Cord Locks Available 14.5mm x 27mm x 9.8mm (L*W*H)
  • Designed for Exposure to the Elements and Temperature Extremes
  • Allows For Lanyard Tie-Down and One-Hand Adjustment
  • Fits a Variety of Drawstrings
  • Veteran Owned-American Business with All American Made Products

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