Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Ravenox’s advanced technology of neutrally-buoyant ropes are specially designed to improve efficiency and handling of lines used on cranes, A&R winches, abandon and recover winches, and ROVs for subsea installations. Custom buoyant rope solutions can be used in most depths without propensity for breakage, because they weigh virtually nothing.

Torque-Free for Quicker Installs
ROVs can only thrust so much. Unlike wire rope, Ravenox’s torque-free, buoyant lines make it much easier to manipulate an ROV around the sea floor while speeding up connections and disconnections from objects. These synthetic solutions can have custom colors applied for visual aid subsea.

Field Support for Subsea Installations
As masters of this latest synthetic technology, Ravenox will send a field technician to your site to perform training on your synthetic lines and make recommendations on rigging hardware and rope design. Our support service capabilities include:

  • Terminations and splicing
  • Special rope configurations including weighted ropes and purpose-built ropes
  • Chafe protection for extended service life
  • Line and rigging inspections


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