Solid Braid Polypropylene Rope

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Ravenox is the best place to shop if you are looking for quality MFP rope. Our multifilament polypropylene (mfp) ropes possess a variety of unique qualities that make them perfect for all your outdoor adventuring requirements.

Our utility rope is American made and manufactured. It is soft, supple, and extremely flexible, making it great for tying knots and splicing. In addition to being waterproof, it is also rigorously tested to ensure resistance to most oils, lubricants, and grease. Because it is buoyant and resistant to mildew, it can be confidently used in and around the water without any worry that it will tear or decay. This rope is an economical alternative to nylon or polyester rope.

Our MFP rope comes in a wide range of vibrant colors, making it it a popular choice for barriers at golf courses or similar outdoor spaces, on top of parks and even power plants. And because it floats, this rope is commonly used as barriers between lanes in swimming pools. This isn't the only water setting for multifilament polypropylene mfp ropes, though. Commercial fishermen often make use of them in crab and lobster lines, and it also used for buoy moorings, aquaculture, and net lines.

Another important quality of MFP rope is dielectric ability. This makes the rope a good insulator, as it will not conduct electricity. For this reason, this rope is often used by electricians and tree workers who often work in the area of electrical wires. This rope is a must for anyone, professional or otherwise, who might find themselves working in area in which electrical shock is even a remote possibility.

What makes the MFP rope at Ravenox special? The answer is simple: it's superior quality. As manufacturers of the material, our team can be sure that high standards are met at every point during the process. Our derby rope is naturally resistant to to all moisture, rot, acid, alkalis, chemicals, oils, and gas, so that it can be used and counted on to last in as many settings as possible. It has excellent knot retention, in addition to medium elasticity so that it can absorb shock and remain taut under heavy loads. It is a rope that can be used time and time again. Our all-purpose rope has been used by clients for their ranches, marinas, construction sites, theatres, and films.

Ravenox supplies MFP ropes in a wide range of sizes and colors, customizable to your specific requirements. You can choose derby ropes between pre-cut lengths ranging from 10 feet to 250 feet, and widths from a fourth of an inch to half an inch. Available in black, blue, red, purple, green, orange, blue/white, red/white, and more, our MFP derby ropes are truly versatile and can be personalized for your individual or business needs.

If you need synthetic rope that is soft, flexible, and ideal for working in and around water or electric lines, check out the wide array of MFP ropes available at Ravenox. Speak to our enthusiastic team members today to find out if this is the rope for you.



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