Come to Ravenox for the largest supply of bungee cords and shock cords on the market. Our cordage is American-made, meaning you can count on quality that will last. Unlike overseas competitors that make these products en masse and without meticulous attention to detail, our domestic products are designed and manufactured by a committed team of rope experts, outdoor adrenaline junkies, and techy fiber nerds, all of whom use these products on a consistent basis for their own personal use. Whether you need bungee cords for your home, business, or upcoming outdoor adventure, Ravenox has it all.

Our elastic shock cord has a nylon cover over the elastic cord that allows it to stretch to double its length. The nylon cord is durable and resilient, making it the perfect choice if you plan on using the cord outside where it might come up the elements. Some of the uses our cords are routinely used for include storage, securing lids, tie downs, securing items on roof racks, camping, hunting, hiking, and boating. But that's not all! We'll give you a rundown of the applications that you might not have considered.


Have a child that you don't want to go up or down the stairs, or a dog that you want to keep downstairs? Bungee cords can be strung between banisters to act as a stable barrier. You can either use multiple cords or simply place a piece of fabric between two, that way there is absolutely no space for that curious child or puppy to get through.

Cord Wrappers

How often are you losing important charging cord or cables? Probably pretty often. One solution is to wrap these cords in one the vibrant colors of bungee cords we offer that way the cables always stand out. This also helps to prevent you from accidentally breaking the cords or your pets from chewing on them.


Have a kid that has too much trouble tying their shoes, or is always leaving their shoes untied? Short bungee cords can be the perfect solution. Just slot them through the lace holes in the shoe, and voila. Your kid will have a colorful alternative to the laces that he or she always finds themselves tripping over.

Bed Guard

Our cords can be especially useful when it comes to fortifying your child's loft or bunk bed. Often these pieces of furniture can break just by simply being knocked into. Elastic cords do a fine job of holding these pieces together so that there is no threat of injury to your child when he or she rolls around in the middle of the night.

Yoga Mat Holder

Are you or is someone you know a yogi? Chances are you or they have experienced the nuisance of a yoga mat unraveling while carrying it to and from a class. Elastic cords can be easily wrapped around a yoga mat to prevent this from happening. Just link the hooks together or loop the ends together to keep the mat cinched together.

Elastic cordage can be used for so many things. Check out our inventory today and discover how you can use it, too.



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