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Need plastic cord locks to go along with your cordage equipment? Ravenox manufactures and sells a wide variety of these locks along with bungee cord hooks and shock cord hooks. Everything in our inventory is American-made and manufactured, which means you can count on quality that can't be matched by overseas competitors. When you buy plastic cord locks from Ravenox, you can be sure they are built to last and fit to accomplish any number of things, ranging from household and lifestyle solutions to camping and professional outdoors activities.

Check out our FMS plastic cord locks, which can be used for shoelaces, pack drawstrings, pants closures, Paracord products, and a variety of outdoor and gymnasium equipment. These locks are spring loaded and are guaranteed to keep your items tight and secure. Don't waste time shopping from overseas distributors which can't guarantee quality. These locks come in over twenty colors so that they can be personalized according to your style and activities.

We also sell the FMS SurMount Dual Cord Lock, which is designed for tethered cord lock applications. This lock is great for handling hem, waistband, or footwear cord lacing options. This lock, along with all our other lock products, is guaranteed to withstand any weather condition, that way you can take it along whether you are going camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, etc.

There are many more varieties of cord locks in our inventory, including barrel locks, circle cord locks, bow cord locks, ellipse cord locks, kettle drum cord locks, slider locks, and more. We manufacture so many styles and designs that every kind of outdoorsman can be satisfied. These locks are also ideal as accessories to bungee cords that are used around the house for storage or organizational purposes.

We also sell bungee cord hooks and shock cord hooks. Our inventory includes over nine varieties of hooks so that you can get the most out of your bungee cord, no matter its application. From small and large shock hooks to zipper pulls and zipcords, Ravenox stocks it all. These hooks are easy to attach to your cordage products and are meticulously designed to last through the toughest of weather conditions. Buying American-made bungee cord hooks and shock cord hooks is a smart choice that affords years of heavy usage.

For every cordage product available at Ravenox, there is a lock or hook available to go along with it. Ravenox is your one-stop shop for cordage and rope needs. The variety we offer is a testament to our experience in professional and leisurely outdoor settings. Every challenge one could face while up against the elements can be eased with our cords and their corresponding plastic cord locks. Customize your outfit by trying out a number of different designs to see what works best for you. Our enthusiastic team of rope and cordage experts is waiting to help you.



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