Ravenox & Material Return: Transforming Rope Waste into Renewed Yarn

Ravenox, renowned for its vibrant colored twisted cotton ropes, is excited to announce its new partnership with Material Return, pushing the frontier of sustainable textile production. Here's how this partnership embodies sustainability and benefits both the environment and the local community.

The Power of Partnership: Circular Textiles

Just as Smartwool turns old socks into new ones, Ravenox and Material Return are joining forces to reintroduce textile waste into the product cycle. Instead of heading to the landfill, your old natural fiber ropes – whether they bear the Ravenox name or not – can now find new life through a unique circularity model.

Material Return's 360° Circularity system allows for:

  • Return: Collection of post-production & post-consumer textile waste.
  • Regenerate: Conversion of waste into new raw materials using cutting-edge technology.
  • Remake: Partnership with local entities to create new textile products.

The Local Advantage

Located in Morganton, NC, both Ravenox and Material Return emphasize the importance of local collaborations. The focus on Western North Carolina doesn’t just champion local economies, it also minimizes carbon emissions by reducing the need for long-haul transportation.

The Beauty of Recover Yarns

Complementing the partnership, Ravenox already sources upcycled yarns from Recover, a pioneer in turning textile waste into high-quality yarns. Not only are these yarns sustainably produced, using solar power for half of their energy needs, but they are also dye-free. The result? Some of the most vibrant colored ropes and twines that are not only eye-catching but also environmentally responsible.

Diagram of the Recover Yarn cycle highlighting the environmental benefits and sustainable transformation of textile waste into upcycled yarns.

A Call to Action

We encourage our customers and the broader community to support this initiative. Send Ravenox your old natural fiber ropes, and we’ll ensure they are processed responsibly with Material Return. By doing so, you're not only getting rid of clutter but also contributing to a sustainable future.

Image of collected cotton ropes ready for return to Material Return, showcasing Ravenox's commitment to sustainability and circularity.

What’s Next?

We believe in continuously elevating our commitment to the environment. By keeping operations local, partnering with sustainable entities like Material Return, and leveraging Recover’s eco-friendly yarns, Ravenox is on a mission to redefine industry standards.

For more insights into Material Return's vision and process, watch their Circularity Video. Additionally, learn more about The Industrial Commons and their efforts to reshape the working class in the Carolinas by watching this video.

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Spotlight on Partnerships

As we embark on this sustainable journey with Material Return, it's paramount to understand the core values and missions of our partners. These are organizations deeply rooted in their commitment to the environment, local economies, and the workforce.

Introducing Material Return

Material Return stands as a beacon for custom circularity. Collaborating with both local manufacturers and prominent national brands, their mission revolves around converting textile waste into innovative products. Their operations not only serve the environment but also uplift local economies, ensuring the welfare of their workers, and fostering strong ties with values-driven clients. Established in 2018, this esteemed organization has its foundation in Morganton, NC.

Visual representation of Material Return's product cycle, detailing the transformation of textile waste into new sustainable products.

Meet The Industrial Commons

The Industrial Commons embodies the vision of a reinvigorated working class that thrives on locally anchored wealth. This 501c3 organization pioneers and amplifies employee-owned social enterprises and industrial cooperatives. They champion the cause of frontline workers, aiming to sculpt a renewed southern working class that dissipates the shadows of generational poverty and paves the way for an inclusive economy and a brighter future for all. Since its inception in 2015, the organization has been fostering change from its base in Morganton, NC. For a deeper insight, visit the industrial commons.org.

Voices from the Ground

It's often said that the spirit of an organization is best captured by the sentiments of its members. Reflecting on the ethos of The Industrial Commons, Molly Hemstreet, the Co-Executive Director, articulates,

“Manufacturing isn’t the problem, it’s really how we go about thinking about work - to develop not only the people but community as well.”

Such sentiments underscore the depth of commitment our partners bring to this collaboration, and we are honored to journey with them.

Material Return workers grouped together, showcasing their commitment to transforming textile waste into yarn, with inspirational quotes overlaying the image.

Wrapping Up Our Sustainable Journey

Ravenox is more than just ropes and twines. It represents a dedication to quality, sustainability, and community. With this new partnership, we're excited to move one step closer to a more sustainable and inclusive textile industry. Together, we can weave a brighter future.

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