Spectra® 12 Strand (4563260080218)

Spectra® 12 hilos

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High-Strength Spectra® 12 Strand

Spectra® 12 Strand provides very high strength, low stretch, and excellent abrasion resistance in a single braid construction. Pound for pound, it is over 3 times as strong as polyester and has less than one-half the elongation. Spectra® 12 Strand is easily spliced using a simple lockstitch type splice or 5-4-3 Tuck splice, and its soft, torque-free braided construction provides easy handling. Spectra® 12 Strand is supplied with our standard polyurethane finish, although other coatings can be applied to suit specific applications.

Spectra® 12 Strand

Tech Sheet - Spectra 12 Strand

Very low stretch

Very high strength

Soft on the hands

Torque free

Easy splicing

Naturally buoyant in water

Select sizes are ABS & DNV type approved

Ravenox Spectra 12-Strand Chart

Ravenox Spectra 12-Strand Elongation Chart