A Partnership Rooted in Service and Healing

Ravenox's Commitment to Quality Horse Tack and Charitable Giving

At Ravenox, we're proud to elevate our association with organizations that champion the causes of veterans and individuals with disabilities. We’re excited to share our partnership with Starbrite Therapeutic Equestrian Center, a jewel in the field of equine-assisted activities and a member of PATH International. Located in Tyler, Texas, Starbrite leverages these therapeutic activities to empower individuals of diverse backgrounds and needs.

A Shared Mission: Veterans, Service, and Equestrian Passion

The Marine Corps Connection: Uniting Leaders

Ravenox is led by values imparted from the service of our founder and CEO, Sean Brownlee, a Marine Corps veteran who served alongside April Scarbrough, the Program and Site Director of Starbrite. April also has an illustrious Marine Corps background, having honorably served our nation for more than 24 years. 

April Scarbrough - Starbrite Tyler Texas Horse Therapy

April's journey back to her hometown of Tyler, following her retirement from the aviation field, recruiting, and career planning, has been a full-circle moment of service and passion. A Marine family, her husband, also a retired Marine, and their son who is actively serving in the Marine Corps, the Scarbrough family legacy of military service runs deep. Hoorah!

With profound insights gleaned from her roles in other veteran nonprofits, April is no stranger to the healing power of equine therapy. Since being one of the first veteran riders at Starbrite, she has witnessed firsthand how horses can mend the invisible “soul” wounds so many veterans endure. Her lifelong love for equestrianism, combined with her dedication to Christ and our veterans, shines brightly as she serves on the staff at Starbrite.

Exploring the Impact of a Veteran-Led Company

Ravenox's Quality Horse Tack: Empowering through Craftsmanship

Ravenox, a veteran-led American company, manufactures an array of high-caliber horse tack, reflecting our commitment to durability and craftsmanship. Our partnership with Starbrite includes contributing horse tack for their life-enhancing programs and donating 10% of the proceeds from all horse tack sales. This collaboration seeds new growth in the garden of veteran and disability support, while patrons of Ravenox can rest assured their purchases foster meaningful community contributions.

A majestic horse adorned with a premium Ravenox leather halter and a vibrant red, white, and blue cotton lead, symbolizing quality craftsmanship and patriotic spirit.

Extending Support Beyond Boundaries

Supporting Wider Communities: Partnerships with Purpose

Beyond our alliance with Starbrite, Ravenox proudly works alongside other esteemed nonprofits that serve veterans and those with disabilities, including Operation Freedom Paws, The Marine Raider Foundation, and Saving A Hero’s Place. These partnerships underscore our devotion to our clients not just as customers but as fellow participants in a broader mission of service and support.

A Call to Join Us in Support

Take Part in the Journey Towards Healing

Through your support of Ravenox and our mission-driven horse tack products, you become an essential ally in these efforts of empowerment and recovery. Every horse halter, lead, and equine accessory purchased from our collection strengthens the bonds of hope and facilitates the harmonious communion between horses and those they help to heal.

We invite you to explore our horse tack collection and join hands with us in bridging passions for equestrian pursuits and the zest for fostering wellness in our communities.

Support Starbrite Without Purchasing Horse Tack

If you're passionate about supporting the noble cause of Starbrite Therapeutic Equestrian Center but do not have a need for horse tack at this time, your generosity can still play a vital role in furthering their mission. Consider making a direct donation to Starbrite, where every contribution fuels the empowering and healing journeys facilitated through their equine-assisted activities.

Support Starbrite's mission and donate today!

Your donation will go directly towards enhancing the lives of youth, adults, and veterans, providing them with an opportunity to experience the joy and therapeutic benefits of horsemanship. Together, we can make a difference and extend the reach of love, support, and rehabilitation that Starbrite so graciously provides.

Horse horse halter

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