Purple Martin Gourd Rack: 4 Unit (4327818788954)
Purple Martin Gourd Rack: 4 Unit (4327818788954)
紫色马丁葫芦架:4 个

紫色马丁葫芦架:4 个

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尺寸 4 葫芦架
葫芦型 水平的

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 4 Unit Purple Martin Gourd Rack

Perfect for the wanna-be landlord. Simple to assemble, economical Purple Martin gourd rack starter system. This fantastic gourd rack is ideal for beginners, or landlords on a budget. 

Features: It features a single pulley system for easy raising and lowering.  The gourd arms slip easily in and out of the all-aluminum, assembled hub, which has nylon glide tabs for squeak-free operation. Also included; twelve or eighteen 3/8” high-strength aluminum arms; 45-feet of polyester rope; an aluminum rope cleat; and a 12.5-foot round aluminum pole assembly with a plastic pyramid pole cap and two solid 3/8" top perch rods. 

The hub glides up and down the pole due in part to the installed guide buttons. Pole is made from 2"  round high tensile aluminum and stands 12.5-feet tall. The 3/8" round aluminum horizontal gourd arms can lift off for easy nest checks or pull the hitch pin and remove the gourd. The hub has nylon glides for smooth raising and lowering. Includes 45 feet of long-lasting polyester rope. Rack ships with a 2 piece 12.5-foot pole, heavy-duty ground stake, top perch rods, 4 aluminum, horizontal gourd arms, hitch pins, rope winder, hub with attached eye-bolt rope and pulley. 

It's everything except the gourds!

*Other racks also available in: 6-unit, 12-unit, & 18-unit options!  

Perfect 4 Unit Gourd Rack for Purple Martins

Materials:  Aluminum pole, aluminum ground stake, aluminum hub brackets, assembled to aluminum angle sides using stainless steel hardware.  Four high-strength 3/8" aluminum gourd arms.

Dimensions: 12.5-foot round high-tensile strength two-piece aluminum pole and stands 14-feet above the ground when installed.  

Gourd Arms: Four 3/8" solid aluminum horizontal arms.  Arms for "Deluxe" and "K-Series" style gourd racks have a 90-degree bend on the end that slips into the hub bracket.  There are three configurations; straight that slip into the single hole on the hub bracket, and left and right, which are paired in an adjacent side of the hub.  The horizontal gourd arms have a drilled hole at the end of the arm.  Slip your gourd onto the arm and insert your supplied hitch pin.  The pin will keep your gourd from falling off.

Gourd Accommodation: Any plastic or natural gourd can be fitted to these horizontal-style gourd arms.  If your gourds are not already drilled front to back in the upper neck, use a 13/32" drill bit to enlarge the hanging holes.

Single Pulley System: The pulley system supports the weight of the gourd rack to make lowering and raising the hub smooth and easy.  Always wear a good pair of grip gloves when raising or lowering any gourd rack.  

Extras:  Extend the height of the pole by two-feet with the Extension Piece.  This gourd rack is available as a combo kit. 

Climbing Predator Protection:  An optional pole guard that fits a round pole is available. 

*Gourds not included

Easy Assembly and Made in the USA! 

Product Instructions:

*Also available in: 6-unit, 12-unit, & 18-unit options!