PSR 2000 12-Strand (4565330886746)

PSR 2000 12 股

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PSR 2000 12 Strand offers a high strength to weight ratio and is an excellent replacement for heavier polyester lines. Its unique blend of polyester and olefin co-polymer in each strand makes for a highly efficient construction. PSR 2000 12 Strand is torque balanced, has excellent wear resistance, and is one of the quickest ropes to splice. PSR 2000 12 Strand is an excellent choice as mooring, tie-up and pendant lines, tug assist lines, and for general purpose heavy marine applications.

Benefits / Features
  • Low stretch
  • High strength
  • Torque free
  • Easy splicing
  • Soft hand
  • Excellent abrasion resistance

Tech Sheet - PSR 2000 12-Strand