Pine Needles for Purple Martin Bedding (6487670145)
Pine Needles for Purple Martin Bedding (6487670145)


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尺寸 12个葫芦或24个房间

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Purple Martins love pine needles. They dry out quicker than wood shavings. We are pleased to be able to provide you this quality non-treated dried Florida Pine Straw. On average you use two handfuls per gourd and one handful per room or tray. Sprinkle some straw on the ground and watch your Martins help themselves.

Ravenox offers different options for our Pine Needles. For smaller Gourd Racks and birdhouses, orders can be placed for 12 gourds or 24 rooms. For the Enthusiasts that have multiple houses or larger Gourd Racks, Ravenox has Pine Needles for 48 Gourds or 96 rooms. 

*Please note that this product currently has a 60-day lead time

Made in the USA

Choose Between:

Pine Needles: 12 Gourds or 24 Rooms

Pine Needles: 48 Gourds or 96 Rooms