Troyer Haskell Purple Martin Tunnel Sparrow Trap
Troyer Haskell Purple Martin Tunnel Sparrow Trap
Troyer Haskell Purple Martin Tunnel Sparrow Trap
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Troyer Haskell Purple Martin Tunnel Sparrow Trap

1 Pack 2 Pack 4 Pack 8 Pack 16 Pack 32 Pack 48 Pack

This two-piece Troyer-Haskell Tunnel Sparrow Trap fits ALL Troyer Tunnels. It traps English House Sparrows and also allows you to capture the Purple Martin for band reading or other purposes. The traps includes an aluminum shutter door and trip wire. Perfect for all Troyer Horizontal and Vertical Gourds.

Installation and trapping instructions included. Tunnel or gourd not included.

IMPORTANT: Always be diligent when trapping birds. You will want to monitor the trap to be sure that no native species become harmed or stressed while trapped. To help you remember that you set the trap use a wind-up kitchen timer or any other alarm system that will remind you, and set it for 15 minutes. When the alarm goes off it will remind you to check your traps.

When the trap door is in the down position the bird is trapped. Lower your rack. Use a large clear plastic bag over the tunnel entrance, then lift the trap door. Tap the gourd, or carefully insert your hand into the gourd through the access door. This should scare the birds into the bag. Often two sparrows are caught in one setting, so don't drop the bag too quickly.

  • * Troyer-Haskell Purple Martin Tunnel Sparrow Traps are Made in the USA
  • * Trap Includes Aluminum Shutter Door and Trip Wire. Available in Packs of 1 to 48
  • * Traps English House Sparrows and Purple Martins for Band Reading or Other Purposes
  • * Perfect for All Troyer Horizontal and Vertical Gourds
  • * Installation and Trapping Instructions Included
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