PFERD Advance 68040 M-Brad Wheel Brush

Pferd’s composite wheels are for deburring, Honing, edge radiusing, light cleaning, and polishing. Available with silicon carbide or ceramic Oxide grain. The PFERD advance m-brad 68040 wheel brush is a ceramic Oxide abrasive grain brush. Ceramic Oxide is the most aggressive grain of the m-brad brushes and is ideal for heavy deburring, jobs where cycle time is critical and is highly effective on ferrous workpieces. The 68040 has a 14 inch diameter with a 2 inch Arbor hole and a 120 grit. The recommended RPM is 3,000.

  • PFERD advance 68040 m-brad wheel brushes have nylon abrasive filament and measure 14 inches in diameter with a 2 inch arbor hole. They have a .040/120 grit ceramic oxide filament.
  • M-brad 6.12 nylon monofilament evenly encapsulates grit particles on the surface and throughout the nylon filament. The flexibility of strands make it uniquely effective when deburring Complex Parts.
  • Ceramic oxide is more aggressive than silicon Carbide, ideal for heavy deburring & surface finishing applications. Ceramic grain brushes outperform silicon Carbide filled brushes by 200-300%.


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