PFERD 66026 Trennscheiben Stationary Cut Off Wheels (Case of 5)

The PFERD 66026 Cut-off wheel is a stationary cut-off wheel from the performance SG-Elastic line designed for aggressive cutting action, leaving a clean and bright cut even in large-diameter material. The measurements of this wheel are 24-inches in diameter by 1/4-inch thickness and features 1-1/2 inch bore. The recommended MAX RPM is 3,200.

Abrasive Material: Aluminum Oxide

Workpiece Materials: Steel

Application: Cutting of Solid Material

PFERD Model Number: EDP 66026

PFERD portable wheels comply with all U.S. safety standards. In addition, they comply with European and international safety standards which exceed the requirements imposed by ANSI.

  • PFRED PERFORMANCE LINE SG-ELASTIC CUT-OFF WHEEL model 66026 is a Heavy-Duty cut-off wheels for demanding Stationary cutting applications. This cut-off wheel measures 24 inches in diameter and 1/4 inches in thickness with a max RPM of 3,200. The abrasive is Aluminum Oxide. Grit = 24
  • THIS HEAVY-DUTY STATIONARY CUT-OFF WHEEL is designed for Steel. The Aluminum Oxide Abrasive is for cutting of solid material. Best cutting results are obtained on high-powered stationary machines.
  • PFERD – YOUR PARTNER FOR SAFE TOOLS! As a leading manufacturer of abrasive tools, PFERD meets all requirements of national and international laws, standards, codes and guidelines.


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