PFERD 62484 Fiberschleifer Fiber Discs, 4-1/2 inch Diameter, 50 Grit

The PFERD 62484 Fibre Abrasive Disc is a Zirconia Alumina Z abrasive disc with a quick change 5/8-11" Arbor Hole. The diameter of these discs is 4-1/2 inches, they are 50 grit with a max RPM recommendation of 13,300. Please order the backing pad separately as these discs do not include a backing pad.

Abrasive Material: Zirconia Alumina Z

PFERD Specification Number: QC FS Z

  • PFRED ABRASIVE FIBER DISC model 62484 features a 5/8-11" Quick Change Arbor Hole. These discs measure 10 inches in diameter and come 25 in a box.
  • ZIRCONIA ALUMINA is a high-performance abrasive which delivers best results on high-powered angle grinders at increased contact pressure. Designed for coarse grinding and high stock removal, with an extended service life.
  • PFERD – YOUR PARTNER FOR SAFE TOOLS! As a leading manufacturer of abrasive tools, PFERD meets all requirements of national and international laws, standards, codes and guidelines.


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