PFERD 49144 Coated Abrasive Benchstand Belt, 2-in Width x 60-in Length, Coarse, Aluminum Oxide A Abrasive (Case of 10 Belts) (60 Grit)

60 Grit 80 Grit

PFERD Benchstand Abrasive Belts are designed for use on stationary machines for light to moderate duty use, versatile low powered machines for general purpose use and grinding and finishing against platen or contact wheel. The PFERD Benchstand Belt model 49144, is an Aluminum Oxide belt, 60 grit, 2 inches in width and 60 inches in length and recommended by the manufacturer for use on steel, cast steel, non-ferrous metals, cast iron, plastics and other materials.

  • PFERD ABRASIVE BELTS ADVANTAGES INCLUDE high abrasive performance, high tensile strength with appropriate flexibility, excellent grain retention and they provide for a long tool life.
  • PFERD BENCHSTAND BELTS are designed for use on stationary bench grinders for light- to moderate-duty use. The Zirconia Alumina Z benchstand belt is designed for coarse grinding and high stock removal.
  • MANY TYPES OF ALUMINUM OXIDE are used for producing abrasives. They can be used in their fused or sintered forms. Their hardness and toughness grade can be influenced using special manufacturing methods or additives. Normal aluminum oxides with a “sharp-edged” grain shape are mainly used in the production of coated abrasives.
  • PFERD BENCHSTAND ABRASIVE BELT is coated with Aluminum Oxide and measures 2 inches in width and 60 inches in length. The grit for this belt is rated coarse. The 49144 model is a 60 grit belt, the 49145 model is a 80 grit belt. These belts come in a case pack of 10 units.
  • THE PFERD BRAND NAME is synonymous with outstanding premium-quality tools and abrasives. Today, we manufacture more than 7,500 PFERD brand grinding, cutting and surface finishing tools. And a complete range of power and maintenance brushes.


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