Gemini Gourd Rack System 24 for Purple Martins
Gemini Gourd Rack System 24 for Purple Martins
Gemini Gourd Rack System 24 for Purple Martins
Gemini Gourd Rack System 24 for Purple Martins

Gemini Gourd Rack System 24 for Purple Martins

Gemini System 24 Horizontal Gemini System 24 Vertical
Purple Martins nest nearly exclusively in housing provided by humans so they depend on us for their survival. If you are a bird lover and looking for the best for your purple martin colony, this is the top-of-the-line gourd rack system for you! Made right here in the USA with all the quality that Ravenox prides itself on, this is the perfect option for the would be purple martin landlord. The Gemini system is an easy to assemble Purple Martin gourd rack that can accommodate up to 24 gourds. Choose from either the horizontal or vertical mounting arm options to accommodate your style of gourd. Gourds are not included with this system.

The Gemini features a 16-foot, 3-inch square high tensile aluminum pole for mounting of the rack and comes with two 5-foot diameter rings to mount your gourds. Each ring can accommodate up to 12 gourds with the included gourd mounting arms. You have the option of 24 vertical or 24 horizontal 90-degree mounting arms. The included winch and aluminum hub with glide buttons make raising and lowering your gourds for nest checks effortless. You will be amazed at the simple usability offered by this product.

The Ravenox Gemini Gourd Rack System includes everything you need to mount your gourd system. This includes:
• 34 feet of 3/16-inch Stainless Steel Cable
• 16-foot Aluminum Pole - Square
• Aluminum Ground Stake
• Solid Aluminum 72-inch Top Perch Rods,
• Ball Tops
• Stop pin and Safety Bolt
• Hub
• Two 5-foot diameter Ring Sections and Ring Supports
• 24 mounting arms (Horizontal 90 degree or Vertical)
• Brake Winch and Winch Mounting Bracket
• Cable Guide.

All Ravenox Gourds can be mounted with horizontal gourd arms while Super Gourds and natural gourds use vertical gourd arms. This product is easily assembled for those who want to do all of the building on their own so they can enjoy bird watching throughout the year. We sell many bird products, with focus on Purple Martins, so be sure to check out all of the options we offer.

We stand behind our full product line and this gourd system is one of our favorites. We know you will love it just as much as we do. Happy bird watching!
Assembly required. Gourds not included.


Easy Assembly and Made in the USA!



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