Ravenox Walking Safety Rope for Children
Ravenox Walking Safety Rope for Children
Ravenox Walking Safety Rope for Children
Ravenox Walking Safety Rope for Children
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Ravenox Walking Safety Rope for Children

25 Feet

Ravenox leader line is an excellent core addition to your children essentials. Perfect vacation rope for simple short walks. Easily identify the different color rope handle. The 10ft long, twisted cotton rope, is suitable for up to 10 children (one handle per child) and handles on each end for adults to hold. The brightly colored loops help to promote quick recognition.

Elementary schools could use this leader line as an emergency evacuation resource for pre school. Nurseries, playgroups, daycare, and churches could use this safety walking rope for simple, short walks.

Safety walking rope in an emergency situation is essential for children and adults to stay together and move quickly to a safe area. Evacuation may move quickly and easily during practice fire drills, but the real-world situation is more challenging. Just think of the impact of smoke, heat or other distractions.

Toddler walking rope is an amazing alternative to traditional walking ropes, walking reins, children’s wrist straps, and children’s walking ropes. These walking ropes are designed to keep kids in line, while they have to hold the handle. This leader line can help kids get in line and keep them safe while going to the park, dining hall or a field trip.

Each rope handle and walking rope for preschool has a primary color that kids learn in school ranging from orange, yellow, green, blue and red. The main line is red, white and blue.

Our twisted cotton rope is 100% hand-made. The rope is super soft, so it won’t hurt little-ones hands! This is wonderful for safety and learning. It can be customized for school colors if larger quantities are ordered and daisy chained for additional children if needed.

We've thought through the small details to provide peace of mind and confidence while mastering each twist and turn. Now, it’s up to you. Get started and Order Today!



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