Base-X Tent 203 (14' X 15')

The Base-X tent 203 (14' x 15') is a 14-foot (4.27 m) mid-sized shelter with an area of 210-square-feet (19.5 m2); it also has four windows and four entry and egress points that can accommodate up to 10 personnel. The Base-X tent can be utilized as a command and control center, medical, communication or logistics operations, and private offices. Base-X tents implement a patented folding frame design and a dual-layer system which makes deployment fast and easy. Base-X tents are specially designed for optimal outdoor performance. These tents can withstand numerous weather conditions, and they are also a very reliable means of military sheltering.

Tent Purchasing Tips:
  • Use the number of campers to determine the minimum tent size needed.
  • Consider the equipment you will store in the tent, and take into account the vestibules and gear lofts for storage.
  • Take note of the peak center height measurement to determine if you can stand inside the tent.
  • Trail campers should select the smallest, lightweight tent, while campground campers should select based on comfort.
*All Military tents for sale on this website are carefully inspected and prepared to be 100% serviceable. The Army Tents condition varies and are priced according to their condition factor.


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