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Asgard Chafe Protection

Asgard Wear Protection is typically used for the protection of lifting or mooring ropes and provides outstanding durability and resistance towards harsh operating conditions. The design features a strong, lightweight construction that is easy to install and retrofit on existing items. Asgard Wear Protection is designed according to a given diameter of the item to be protected and is provided in lengths according to client specifications.

Asgard Wear Protection is made from HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene) and PNW (polyester and/or nylon) fibers in a woven, laminated, and PU-coated construction and built in a layered design. The fibers utilized are the toughest of the traditional synthetic fibers. Asgard Wear Protection can be delivered in a flat construction for protection of webbing, or in a circular construction, for use on mooring ropes for instance.

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