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Ravenox is proud to offer the biggest inventory of plastic cord locks and whistle buckles on the market. Our products are designed and manufactured domestically so that you can count on receiving a product that is of the highest quality and is sure to last in all weather conditions. The plastic cord locks we offer come in a variety of designs and styles to fit any and every outdoor activity. You can use them to tighten your packs and keep your equipment fastened while you enjoy a hiking, climbing, fishing, or hunting excursion. These locks are spring-loaded for superior control and they are made from tough materials that are built to last. You can purchase these locks in quantities ranging from six packs to 1000 packs. No matter your activity, these locks can be used confidently to help you keep your cords safe and tightened.

If you're making a survival bracelet, one thing you can't be without is our side release whistle buckles. These American-made ¾-inch heavy duty buckles are suited for any number of applications and have been used for thousands of survival bracelets. The whistle feature is commonly used on backpack sternum straps and is perfect for high alert situations in which you need to catch someone's attention for help. They come in four colors and are purchasable in a wide range of quantities.

Our cord end whistles are a stylish choice that function fantastically as zipper pulls. They can be used on shoelaces, pack drawstrings, pant closures, and a variety of outdoor and gym products. The whistle is extremely loud and can be heard from a long way off. The attention to detail our team spends on these products ensures that they will last in any weather condition and can be used for many years no matter their application. For outdoorsmen of all kinds, a whistle is an extremely helpful item to have around, as one never knows when one will get into a difficult situation which requires calling the attention of someone out of sight.

If you're looking for a more straightforward whistle, we also offer the FMS Aqua Marine Survival Rescue Whistle. This whistle is specially designed for the toughest marine environments, just as the name suggests. Made from high impact materials, this whistle will not corrode or suffer from internal moving parts. The chamber design makes for the highest pitch sound possible. And while this whistle is primarily designed for extreme situations, that doesn't mean it can't be used by swimming coaches or outdoorsmen who want to keep a powerful and durable whistle handy. This whistle is lightweight and sized to be able to fit simply within any outfit.

Ravenox supplies plastic cord locks and whistle buckles to complement every cordage product in our inventory. These products can be purchased in any color, so that you can choose the one that works best with your gear. And if transparent colors are more your thing, we have those too. At Ravenox, our goal is to be the ultimate one-stop solution for all professional or leisurely outdoor activities.



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