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FMS Purple Martin Horizontal Gourd Round Hole Entrance

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The Troyer Purple Martin Horizontal Gourd is the best gourd on the market. Made in America, these horizontal gourds offer a slightly different footprint from natural gourds or other synthetic gourds and are somewhat narrower, but very deep. The deep cavity provides a real measure of safety from predators like owls, hawks and racoons that attempt to reach into the gourd and snatch young birds. The Troyer Gourd is a one-piece, 14.5 inches deep (our deepest gourd), opaque, high-density polyethylene plastic gourd with a threaded access port, covered by a twist-off cap for nest checks, nest replacements, or end-of-season clean-outs. The tunnel has a textured porch for perching area and an internal traction pad facilitates easy exit for the birds. There are four pilot holes in the neck for possible ventilation if desired.

The Troyer gourd has hanging holes drilled front to back to be hung on a straight rod; we recommend that they be hung on the horizontal arms of the Deluxe Gourd Rack, Expandable Gourd Rack or Trendsetter Gourd Rack. The Round Entrance Horizontal Gourd is available in 1 Packs through 48 Packs. Note: The Round Entrance does not include the Wing Entrapment Guard.

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