Ravenox Crap Trap Escape Rot Cord - Complete Kit
Ravenox Crap Trap Escape Rot Cord - Complete Kit
Ravenox Crap Trap Escape Rot Cord - Complete Kit

Ravenox Crap Trap Escape Rot Cord - Complete Kit

  • STAY LEGAL WHILE SAVING CRABS AND SHRIMP. An estimated 372,000 crabs die each year in over 14,000 lost crab pots in the Puget Sound alone. Washington, Oregon and California Fish and Wildlife regulations require all crab traps to have escape cord. Ravenox Cotton Escape Cord is 100% biodegradable and meets the 120-thread count, 1/8-inch, requirements to allow crabs and shrimp in lost pots to escape.
  • MOST COMPREHENSIVE ESCAPE KIT AVAILABLE. The Ravenox Shrimp and Crab Escape Kit includes 25 FT of the highest quality, American-made organic cotton twine. Enough for multiple uses on multiple traps. The escape kit also includes 10 FT of 1/8-inch USA made bungee cord and two wingless snaphooks. The shock cord and bungee hooks allow for independent configuration and when paired with the biodegradable cord will allow the trap to pop open and allow for the crabs to escape.
  • DEGRADES NATURALLY IN SEAWATER OVER TIME. Anglers need to be aware that not all the crab pots purchased at the stores come equipped with the legal cord, better known as a rot cord, because regulations vary from state to state. Ravenox has produced a rot cord kit that is compliant and legal for all shrimp and crab traps and pots. Larger lengths of Ravenox Twisted Cotton Twine can also be purchased separately for applications hundreds or thousands of traps.
  • SIMPLE STEPS TO AVOID LOSING POTS: Make sure the pot is marked clearly with buoys to alert passing boaters; know how deep the water is when the pot is dropped, so that the correct line length is used, ensuring that the buoy will be able to be found; avoid ferry lanes and log boom lanes when placing pots, so the pots aren’t swept away; and use a weighted line rather than a floating line to prevent the lines from being cut by passing boats.
  • Ravenox is a CERTIFIED Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned, Women-Led American Small Business that backs all of its’ products. Ravenox rope and twine meets the rigorous manufacturing and testing procedures set forth by the American Cordage Institute and we are proud to be 1 of only 29 manufacturers in the world that helps set the standards in rope manufacturing. This Crab Trap Escape Kit is Made in the USA with American components.

The Ravenox Crab Pot Escape Cord Kit was specially designed after consulting with the Washington State University Beach Watchers and the Washington State Fish and Wildlife Department. The kit not only includes the legal, 100% biodegradable cotton, 120-thread count 1/8-inch cord, but also includes bungee cord and bungee cord hooks to allow for lost traps to pop open after the cord degrades in seawater. These components allow for unique, independent applications that can be configured specifically to the shrimp pot or crab trap to allow for the successful escape of crabs and shrimp.

Not all crab pots are created equal, and many kits purchased in stores do not come with legal cord, better known as rot cord, because regulations vary from state to state. An easy way to check your cord is to see if melts. If it does, it’s not legal. Many cords that look compliant and say they’re 100% cotton are made with a cotton/polyester blend and will not rot. Ravenox is the manufacturer of this twine and all the components and is 1 of only 29 manufacturer members of the American Cordage Institute. We back all our products.

Derelict crab pots kill thousands of crabs every year. By following some simple steps and using the right rot cord kit you can do your part to help save these crabs and shrimp, stay legal and avoid fines. Ravenox is proud to be the preferred provider for these rot cord kits.

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